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There are, I believe, children who have yet to emerge from the attic after fleeing from Robert Zemeckis's unintentionally terrifying The Polar Express. They had best stay there. Once again, Zemeckis has used motion-capture technology and sophisticated digital animation to bring eerie degrees of lifeless sterility to a tale of the fantastic. This time, however, he and his team do not pretend they have an infant audience in mind. Granted a somewhat lenient 12A cert, the picture features savage disembowelment, bizarre sexual imagery and one, not entirely unwelcome, use of the word "bollocks".
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Beowulf and Grendel — and Grendma

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CGI animated feature based on the Norse epic poem about the hero who saved a Danish kingdom from a monstrous creature, which was killing and terrifying the people: After dispatching the creature, Beowulf becomes the new king, but the creature's ruthless and seductive mother will use any means to ensure revenge. Directed by Robert Zemeckis. A mermaid-like creature has a female form, with breasts, but has a tail; pulls a man under the sea and the man drops his dagger when the creature swims close to him. A man removes his clothing and armor and stands in front of a woman she looks down below his waist, turns and runs away ; he then removes his undergarment and walks nude through a hall his bare buttocks, back, legs and chest are visible.
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The legend of Beowulf , a mythical hero whose exploits were recounted in an 8th century epic poem, has gained unprecedented popularity some years after it was first told. With the success of The Lord of the Rings , which along with the Harry Potter phenomenon opened Hollywood's eyes to the potentially huge audience for big, bold fantasy movies, the inevitability of productions like this became established. Still, it's surprising that Beowulf has attracted so much attention, with three films released in recent years and another one on the way. Of all the cinematic variations on the theme, however, none is more ambitious and over-the-top than this one, the brainchild of director Robert Zemeckis and his screenwriters, Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman.
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November 16th, , pm. Beowulf, director Robert Zemeckis's epic fantasy opening today, stars Angelina Jolie's big golden boobs. Sure, they're touched up, and, yes, they seem to be missing an essential breast component, but these are Angelina's boobs we're talking about.
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